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Alerting and Notifications
Data Visualization

Alerting and Notifications

Alerting and Notifications

An alert is an automated message or notification sent via email, text message, etc. that indicates when a predefined event or error condition has occurred and that some action is required.

Empower IT allows users to set up alerts that will forward critical information to the right people at the right time. Automatic notifications can be sent to selected users when specific data values or conditions occur in your operations. These proactive alerts will notify you when key measures are performing above or below company benchmarks and goals, such as when inventory levels are critically low or when a significant contract is won.

Alert and notification tools help managers optimize their business by avoiding negative impacts, such as not acting quickly enough on poor performance or by indentifying positive areas that are candidates for further investment.

Empower IT works side by side with management to define and prioritize KPI thresholds. In doing so, you can be notified when a decision needs to be made due to unexpected behavior of the defined triggers. Triggers may include on-time delivery, average collection period, financial leading and lagging indicators, and performance indicators that specify where your business stands. Alerts and notifications are used both tactically and strategically as tools for business process monitoring and business performance management. Alerts and notifications provide attention to KPIs that need to be analyzed and recorded for present and future decisions regarding production efficiency, demand patterns, and benchmarking. These in turn can provide visibility into resource utilization and network traffic.

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