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Data Stores, Warehouses & Marts

Data Stores, Warehouses, and Marts 

Empower IT has vast experience in the highly complex processes that surround staging and integrating many types of data into the data warehouse. In its broader context, data warehousing refers to many different business functions. The ability to extract, transform, and load the data into the repository; the management of the underlying metadata and operational data store; the business knowledge required to build and manage master data dictionaries/product catalogs; and finally the capability to provide the tools needed to easily access the business intelligence contained within the data warehouse.

Empower IT offers the ability to either host or build/maintain offsite data warehouses (DW) and our clients easily and fluidly access their reporting and analysis through a web-enabled interface that is directly attached to the data cube.

Consider these benefits:

  • Empower IT has a proven track record in deploying the “soup to nuts” solution for all facets of data warehousing, data stores, and data marts. We routinely cleanse, transform, and catalog such diverse data streams as tax forms, census data, causal, demographic, construction, retailer downstream scanner data, financial, and more for data mining, online analytical processing, and decision support.
  • Empower IT routinely manages vast amounts of data through its proprietary extract, transform, load tools and processes.
  • For more than 25 years, EIT has been building rules-based master data dictionaries. These dictionaries standardize the descriptors/attributes across like items within each dimension of the data warehouse (e.g., county, zip code, manufacturer, age range, size, industry sector, distributor, etc.). The searchable attribution within the data warehouse is crucial to the data mining/reporting process as it allows the business analysts to select “like” items and define custom aggregates within reporting.
  • Empower IT works with many clients to provide data feeds into their custom proprietary data warehouse. Data feeds are supplied based on the client defined specifications; they may be at a granular level or the client may request custom aggregates.


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