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Operational DSS & Ad Hoc Analysis

Operational DSS and Ad Hoc Analysis

Empower IT’s operational decision support and ad hoc querying tools transform complex data into compelling, relevant insights. Empower IT offers a robust suite of business intelligence tools for ad hoc data querying. Using the latest in web technology, Empower IT’s web-based data portal, the BI Briefcase is a single administration and deployment solution to initiate business analyses using online OLAP technology. Power users can perform complex data analyses through the ad hoc query tools and business users can manipulate the data within a series of predefined reporting templates and publish business information from a standard internet browser.

Consider these benefits:

  • Within Empower IT’s web-based BI Briefcase solution, the decision support tools offer powerful state-of-the-art features. Logical drill down capability, intelligent filtering, exception reporting, graphing, and custom aggregation combine to give end users virtually unlimited flexibility.
  • Publication of reports is administered via user profiles, providing secure access to information by business function such as operations, sales, and marketing. Within the BI Briefcase data portal, clients can access and manipulate their data sets, collaborate, communicate their findings, and use the portal’s publishing features to broadcast reports. Multiple export formats such as PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel are embedded within the BI Briefcase.
  • Empower IT also offers PC-resident software for ad hoc querying tools and PC-resident databases, resulting in a highly portable, powerful tool set that is ideal for field sales. Custom prebuilt aggregates within the databases combined with intuitive search and filter capabilities within the software make this one of our more popular decision support choices. 


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