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Improved visibility into daily operations is the chief concern of the COO and his/her staff. Many executives feel challenged when trying to find the right piece of information to support their decisions in a timely fashion.

Having the ability to link up with multiple types of data and visualize them in one intuitive web-based interface allows an organization to look at itself through different lenses and ask questions of the data that they previously could not.

Without supporting data it becomes much harder to demonstrate achievement of your Service Level Agreements (SLA), conversations with customers become longer and more time-intensive, and operational efficiency suffers as a result.

Identify Inefficiencies

Create better operating processes and improve business performance through dashboards that provide visibility into operating information, allowing for faster identification of bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Improved data accuracy through centralized, coordinated database management and cleansing allows organizations more transparency into how the business works and identifies those areas that need improvement.

Control Costs

Within any organization there are plenty of opportunities to save money by optimizing business processes and focusing on decisions. BI yields significant ROI when it sheds light on business mistakes. Use Empower IT tools to uncover flawed business processes and identify cost savings such as cutting cell phone usage, reducing overtime and other operating expenses, and discovering duplicate payments to suppliers and distributors.

Self-Directed Process Improvement

Share data across organizational silos and create unimpeded flow of analytical information. Build analytical skill sets in house through the use of training and educational programs. Arm decision makers with the appropriate tools allowing for self-service analysis and discovery of what is really going on in the business.

Operations staff needs the ability to measure its own execution - how long will it take to move a product from point A to B and which steps can be augmented or eliminated, leading to more efficient self-analysis and improvement?

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